The north wind will blow bringing the snow, are your forklifts ready for this change? As you go through your winter preparations checklist, don’t forget that ABS is your one-stop-shop to get your forklifts winter-ready.

One significant component of winterizing your forklifts is checking and topping off fluid levels. ABS has over 600 types of antifreeze, fluids, and lubricants available to keep your forklifts from seizing up in the snow and wind. While checking fluid levels, you should also check the filters that work in combination with the fluids to keep your fleet going strong. Make sure your forklifts don’t become congested by using one of the thousands of filters ABS has available for your fuel, air, transmission, and hydraulic systems. Another major component of making your forklifts winter-ready is to ensure the batteries are functioning correctly and are holding a full charge. If your battery is fighting and losing its battle with the cold, ABS is sure to have just the replacement you need to get you through the winter months. Our deep cycle six-volt batteries can handle even the harshest conditions winter can throw out.

With so much to consider when winterizing your forklifts, you can rely on ABS to take the hassle out of the transition. Contact your sales representative today to learn more about our great products.

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